We are living in times of change – the greatest shifts and change we may ever experience in our lifetime. And we can’t stand by waiting for it to pass.

Instead, we can become active forces in this change. 

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If you walk around anywhere in Thailand you will find a Thai Green Curry. We spend 1-2 months every year in Ko Samui for Beautiful You Retreats and this recipe takes me back to Thailand every time I make it.

It is a staple at all our Beautiful You Retreats in Thailand and a classic to make. Every year I go back to Samui I improve the recipe by learning with from the locals. There are as many curry recipes, as there are mothers and grandmothers, and as with all staples in different cuisines, there isn’t ONE recipe to cure them all. You’ll have to make it a few times and give it your touch. 

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Lessons from Crete on food identity, but more importantly from my blender or lack of modern culinary comforts.

Who would’ve thought that my blender is such a good teacher?

We’ve been in Crete for almost a month now and I haven’t used a blender since then.

You may say, well that’s not such a big deal Denisa!

Well, I didn’t think so either, but it seems that it is.

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We’re spending a few months this spring in Crete and the energy of the land is magnificent!

On one of our adventures, Ollie(my partner in shine) and I went to experience one of the oldest olive trees – believed to be over 3000 years old!

So, what do you ask a 3000 year tree?! 🌳

You don’t, you just listen and receive. 🙏

And here’s what she had to say…

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Do you know that feeling of eating something and feeling guilty straight away? How about when you haven’t done what you intended to do or woke up too late and missed your routine? What routine?! Exactly. 🙄 

A recurring topic both in my own healing and my client’s journey, guilt is often present around food these days or how we spend or not spend our time.

How to deal with food guilt then, when it comes in waves, on a consistent basis? I found this really puts it in perspective.

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We’ve made it through the 1st week of January. Can you feel the fresh new energy this year started with? I have a feeling this one will be big! We had a beautiful goddess circle last night and I’ll tell you, there’s something in the air. 2019 is a year of rising energies and positive change.
And since January is all about change, I wanted to write this share my thoughts on detoxing, cleansing, juicing during the winter months.

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Henry Maudsley

I can’t stress enough how important it is that we express our feelings and feel them, to prevent their build up internally and manifest as ailments.

Spending the past month at home in Romania has been emotionally challenging at times. Yet so revealing and fascinating as I’m presented with the opportunity to heal childhood trauma in a way that I didn’t even know it existed.

Have you ever felt pent up? Stressed? For what may seem like no reason at all? Perhaps your world seems great on the surface, surrounded by friends, family and all of the joys of life. Yet deep down you know that there is something missing?

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It’s been a magical, intense week here at BEAUTIFUL YOU IMMERSION RETREAT and we’ve been through a deep soul level experience. An experience that is hard to put into words 

From vibrant food workshops to acro yoga, sharing circles, spiritual workshops and adventure.

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Image: Caroline Manière
For all our lives we’ve been taught to repress the natural cycles of our bodies. 

To hide our period.

To be ashamed of it.

To act in secrecy around it.

To repress it with a pill in exchange for false freedom.

To numb it with painkillers.

To avoid talking about it.

To just get on it with.

To “fit in” in a linear man-made world , put up with it, because hey “I can’t ask for special treatment just because I’m a girl, gotta suck it up and do it” and go against our innate need to allow into it and feel what’s there in our womb calling for us.

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Beautiful You is a Spiritual Health Retreat, taking place in Koh Samui in Thailand in September 2018.

Beautiful You was created together with my partner in shine Ollie Trew, spiritual coach and soul aligner, in order to help people looking for more in life to make that change possible and heal their past and truly fall in love with themselves for who they really are.

In December 2018 we’ve welcomed our first guests to the retreat and what was created was beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. 

Magical is the only word I can choose to describe it. 

Here’s what our participants had to say…

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