December 10


What is and Why practice Self Love

We're more advanced, more stable, more well-off than we have ever been as a human race, yet we're more lonely, more disconnected from ourselves and nature than we've ever been. ⁣

We rarely spend time within ourselves without distractions, without reasons to do so, without comparison - so when the going gets tough it's really easy to fall into a trap of self-loathing and judging.⁣

We've forgotten our souls, our hearts and we're caught up in a constant DO, DO DO all the time, when it's rather time to BE more and blend it with the Do-ing.⁣

I believe the answer to that is self-love. Call it awareness, call it mindfulness, being kind to yourself, speaking to yourself as if you would to your lover. ⁣

Self love is Devotion to a a higher purpose.

Self-love is also discipline, consistency, avoiding instant gratification at the expense of your development as a human being and soul, doing the things that are not that easy for an outcome that will help you grow and reap the benefits later. ⁣

For me, self-love is breathing, being aware of my feelings and emotions, knowing my boundaries and not compromising, and in other situations compromising rather than wanting to be right. ⁣

My self-love is my connection to Spirit, my constant and never-ending improvement of self, through thick and thin, my dedication to Denisa Maria and helping her become the best version of herself as a woman, partner, teacher, friend, healer, daughter, sister, human being.⁣

Then, I ask you now, what does self-love mean to you? Do you have it in your life? Do you want to have it? Do you practice it? What's the most loving thing, action, a choice you can do for yourself today? Now, reading this on your phone. ⁣

We only ever have the present moment.⁣

Everything else is a projection of either our love or fear, onto events that happened or possibilities that might occur.⁣ Choose love. Choose light. Choose kindness. For yourself and others. ⁣

With much love and gratitude,⁣
Denisa xoxo 


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