Awaken your Divine Feminine through deep healing and coaching practices to bring together and honour all parts of yourself, so that you can shine your light into all areas of your life, in turn empowering those around you through your BEing and presence to create the same.

Hello wonderful being, 

I'm Denisa Maria, Shamanic Priestess and Coach, who also happens to be an author, artist, lover, healer, chef, traveler, and Transylvanian intolerant to garlic, among many of the hats I wear, and a massive cheerleader for tapping into our full potential in this lifetime as spiritual beings having a human experience. 

I am devoted to helping driven, ambitious women awaken that primordial, innate Divine Feminine seed that we've been blessed with at birth, after being told all our lives to be nice, less visible, not to step on toes, be quieter, speak more, be seen and not heard, perform every day of the month at the same level no matter what your body says and ultimately fit into a man's world. 

I've got so much more to say on that, but first, have we met? Let's get to know each other better...

Get in touch with your Divine feminine side and allow your soul to come through and create magic in your life!  

Start here...

Being in ceremony and sacred space is one of my favourite ways to connect with other women and hold space. The energy is always so powerful when we come together in beautiful rituals to release unwanted energies, let go of what's not serving us and create a new paradigm. Please get in touch for personalised circles and ceremonies for your occasion and needs.

Whether to sit in contemplation and connect with yourself, balance your chakras or connect with your spirit guides and the Universal, I have recorded a set of meditations to get you started at any time of the day.

Click here to explore my meditations library.

Want to get in touch with your intuition? Receive answers and insights around a decision, situation or you're just craving a general message of guidance from your spirit guides and higher self? I've got you! Come into the Spiritual Health Circle where I offer open to all New Moon and Full Moon Card readings. 

And if you'd like an in depth read, with a detailed video of the cards and a personal message, click here to book a personal reading.

Together with my partner in shine, Ollie Trew, we have created a comprehensive guide to help you raise your vibration in order to feel better, more peaceful and harmonious, and create a deeper soul connection.

Download your copy of 99 Ways to Raise Your Vibration.

Loving notes

I am honored to share my experience with Denisa. She is such a gifted and compassionate coach. Denisa's gentle demeanor and bold coaching style, paired with empathy and thoughtfulness, created a safe and empowering space for me to grow. Through deep questioning and meditative journeys, I learned to love and accept my feminine receiving energy and forgave those who hurt me. Every session with Denisa left me feeling clearer and closer to my true self, ready to face any challenge as my greatest teacher. I am grateful to have shared sacred time and growth with Denisa, this spiritual being filled with healing magic. She is a true goddess, and I cannot recommend her enough.



Denisa is a magical goddess 'mama' that has helped me turn into a strong, happy goddess myself. 

I went from someone who's been all her life surrounded by masculine presence and not having a healthy relationship with my feminine side to a place where I feel stronger than ever and in touch with my emotions.

She is a powerful coach and healer, able to shift your energy and create tangible changes just by holding space for you. Through her loving presence, yet strong and direct questions, I've been taken on a journey of finding myself again and finally feeling at home within myself.



As I went into the healing space with Denisa, I had so many heavy emotions stuck in my body, particularly my womb, which were weighing on my overall state. After a loving healing ceremony, I felt calm and light again. I even woke up the next day feeling super energized, really in flow, and flooded by a boost of creativity coming through.

I have so much space now to create!

Thank you!