Happy Pancake Day! If you’re on the look for some delicious fluffy pancakes to stack, dairy and refined sugar-free, look no more! You’ll love this recipe!

I’ve recently made this recipe in our private Foodie Group and they’ve been a massive success! 

I have quite a few variations, but with this one, I tried to simplify them as much as possible, yet still have them taste really good. See here for last year’s pancakes and here for a savoury crepes recipes.

They never fail to disappoint, and when you make the different toppings, you’re in for a mega treat! Enjoy! 

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If you have sugar cravings and don’t know what to do with them anymore, this cake recipe is a great alternative to the processed sugars and an easy way to start replacing them. Giving up sugar cold turkey can be quite strong as you experience jittery, drug like symptoms. And it makes sense when you see how sugar messes up with your body…

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Isn’t it poetical when you can find stories in each ingredient?

I’ve been drawn to each ingredient’s story for as long as I can remember, fascinated by ancient uses and modern rediscoveries. You can tell I was a history geek in school. I recently watched The Hundred Foot Journey and felt with every sense of my body the movie’s atmosphere. If you like food, cooking it, beautiful stories and French countryside you have to watch this. It’s just the sort of movie that leaves you with a big smile on your face. I won’t spoil it, but I will share a smoothie recipe infused with reminiscences of country side breeze in the late summer evenings. Because food is memory. Check it out. 

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Just finished a lavish chocolate cake as you do on a Tuesday night and decided not to waste the leftovers from the blender’s walls. And boy, was I inspired!

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On the 21st of July took place the Raw Foods Beginners class in Bucharest, in a great location – a beautiful raw deserts and juice parlour, Rawcoco. I simply loved it! I got to share my passion and love for health and well being and over 25 excited students got to enjoy 7 delicious recipes while hearing about the benefits, hacks and quirks of an alkaline, plant based lifestyle. It was also the first time when we had to turn people away because the location was too small to fit everyone. I promise I’ll be back for more! 

Until then i wanted to share with you a basic green smoothie recipe adapted to the seasonal and local supply.

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