Need some Monday Motivation? I’ve got you!

We’re beating the Monday Blues with Monday Greens and today I have a protein smoothie to energise you and repair you after a workout session. Even without the workout, you’ll still benefit from this blend.

Pomegranates are fantastic (one of my favourite fruit, and so are persimmons!) and we’re just entering their season! Bring them on! With a history of more than 5000 years, the pomegranate was originally found in Persia and Brought in Europe by the Spanish Colonists. 

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I love Monday! What a perfect day to be alive!  

If the Monday Blues sneak in and you’re all grumpy for no reason and longing for some comfort and uplifting music, food, drinks I’ve got the perfect mix for you! It’s seasonal, easy to make and delicious! It’s called Motivation Smoothie for a reason. Welcome to the new #MondayGreens!

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Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it today and happy name day to anyone with a flower name!

Let’s raise the green smoothie jars and toast!

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Whether it’s winter, spring or summer, if you have some frozen supplies or find these ingredients in season – go for it! This green smoothie screams sunshine and having it any season will transport you to a hot summer day! It’s the most delicious blend I’ve ever done. Sort of wine meets mango! Honestly, you have to try this! 

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Isn’t it poetical when you can find stories in each ingredient?

I’ve been drawn to each ingredient’s story for as long as I can remember, fascinated by ancient uses and modern rediscoveries. You can tell I was a history geek in school. I recently watched The Hundred Foot Journey and felt with every sense of my body the movie’s atmosphere. If you like food, cooking it, beautiful stories and French countryside you have to watch this. It’s just the sort of movie that leaves you with a big smile on your face. I won’t spoil it, but I will share a smoothie recipe infused with reminiscences of country side breeze in the late summer evenings. Because food is memory. Check it out. 

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A good week is known from Monday, or a good day from early on…something along those lines. What about a good green smoothie? A green smoothie is known from the intention. If your intention is high up there and you’re excited to be making it, I’m telling you, it’s going to be a killer! aaaa, saviour!

So, what have we got today? A blank canvas that can be upgraded to awesomeness and tweaked around for your needs. Let’s roll the ball!

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It’s been a while since I had the time to play with green smoothies the way I like it in my kitchen. As I finally got back to London and my routine after a crazy summer and autumn (the good kind of crazy! more about that later) I actually craved for a simple green smoothie. How awkward is that? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love opening my cupboard and pulling super foods and powders to add to my smoothies because it makes me feel like an alchemist with super powders. Pow! Pow!However, when I do take a step back and keep it simple I realise how amazing these drinks are. Ready?

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As we head into a new season (at least a calendar one, depending on where you live) our bodies do an amazing job to help us cope with the change. We should truly respect it and give all the help and care we can. 
As the saying goes “Love yourself enough to look after your health”, or something along those lines, we should look at small hacks we could incorporate into a routine to kick start our organism. Even a little bit of help and support towards your body can sometimes go a long way.

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On the 21st of July took place the Raw Foods Beginners class in Bucharest, in a great location – a beautiful raw deserts and juice parlour, Rawcoco. I simply loved it! I got to share my passion and love for health and well being and over 25 excited students got to enjoy 7 delicious recipes while hearing about the benefits, hacks and quirks of an alkaline, plant based lifestyle. It was also the first time when we had to turn people away because the location was too small to fit everyone. I promise I’ll be back for more! 

Until then i wanted to share with you a basic green smoothie recipe adapted to the seasonal and local supply.

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As you may know I am enjoying my favourite month of the year – July – at home, in Romania. I love being here and I am excited to present my Raw Foods 101 course over here. Tomorrow I have the first class in Brasov, and just before I return to London there will be the second one in Bucharest.

Even though I love being at home because of the people I have around, I don’t have a fixed place to stay since my flat is empty and I cruise around my friends and relatives. Which is great. However, I miss my green smoothies and morning routines. Water, tonic, smoothie, yoga, meditation. I can still do these, but when hopping places is not the same.

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