Mango, Grape, Berry Green Smoothie Recipe

Whether it’s winter, spring or summer, if you have some frozen supplies or find these ingredients in season – go for it! This green smoothie screams sunshine and having it any season will transport you to a hot summer day! It’s the most delicious blend I’ve ever done. Sort of wine meets mango! Honestly, you have to try this! 



 – 2 handfuls baby greens/chard

– 1 handful grapes, fresh if in season, frozen if not

– 1/2 large mango or a small mango 

– 1 small handful frozen berries

– love


How to:

If your blender allows it, use at least one of the fruits frozen or add ice to make it refreshing and cooling. Add water half way through and blend till you reach a desired consistency. Et voila! Enjoy!



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