Do you do any kind of exercise? Then this post might make a difference to you as others have done for me previously. Consuming the right foods really can make a big difference to your stamina and endurance. I’m going to be talking to you more about a specific endurance secret throughout this post and sharing one of my favourite post workout smoothies. 

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I’m not sure if I mentioned yet, but next week is my first triathlon! AAAAAAAAA! I decided to sign up for it in mid-July and get out of my comfort zone a bit before I go for surgery in November 2015. In case you didn’t know already, that’s my back up there in the image.
Well, in all fairness, I pretty much jumped out of it! Since then I learned how to swim – Yay! – and I’ve put in a lot of pool hours, some cycling and a bit of running. It’s funny how the thing I was most scared of – swimming – became my favourite part and the part I was most relaxed about – running – became my least prepared one. 
If you’re like me you may have never had any trouble with sudden weather changes. I always saw the silver lining in the rain and thunder and the sunshine that’s to follow. That’s why I had nothing to say when people from abroad asked me how can I live in London. Don’t I get tired of the weather?! Well not really, no. Until now!  

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Are you guilty of charge like many others, of throwing those beautiful root veg tops away? Come one, you can share it here. We’re in a safe space. I have good news for you: no need to do so! Carrot tops can be such a fragrant and flavorful addition to a green smoothie. You can taste each individual aroma in this mix. And hey, it’s good for you! And cooling! Like a mountain breeze. That’s where i’m heading as well! Yay!

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Mornings can be daunting when you don’t know what to prepare. But they can also become incredibly creative with a little bit of preparation. 

I made a habit of starting my day with liquids and I try to keep it as much as possible, even though sometimes when travelling that doesn’t work or there are purely days when you feel like you need solid foods. 

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This is one of my favourite green smoothies(I might say that A lot, but it’s true, I love them all!) because it has spice, volume and it kicks in straight away. Have it after a workout session, a run or simply to kick start your day.

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Hello my friends! 

It’s been a busy month and I am very excited about all the projects coming up in the near future. Is it me or there’s a wave of energy coming across as nature came back to life in full gear again? I am buzzing! And I so hope you are as well! What have you been up to lately? In this email I’m going to share some updates with you, what I’ve learnt from Joe Cross this week London and share the new dates for the Raw Food for Beginners Class in London.

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God Save the Greens!

As you may notice from many recipes, I am very big on wild edibles and discarded greens. Why on earth should we toss them away and they’re perfectly good and nutritious for us? If they sit on top of the root vegetables they have more contact with the sun and contain the much beloved chlorophyll (which has the same molecule as our blood). Plus, if you don’t use it, you lose it. I think that was referring to something else but I swear it  goes for the green leaves as well. 

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Breakfast? Lunch? Cover these Raw Breakfast and Lunch Ideas and you’re set with Raw for 1/2 Day as part of your daily routine. It’s easy and quick to prepare and you can take them away as well on the go for the rest of the day.

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Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it today and happy name day to anyone with a flower name!

Let’s raise the green smoothie jars and toast!

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