Every single decision you've ever made has brought you to this moment in time.

It is in the moment of your decisions, that your Destiny is shaped.*

There are many moments in our life that seem to have been a corner stone for our path. 

I have had many of these, and the more I grow, the more I find to have had clues along the way that lead me to these defining moments in time.

On 22/11/2011 my world was shaken... 

On this day, I lost my father. The father that has taught me so much about living in tune with the Earth cycle's and our land and respecting our elders. The father that was abusive to my mum during their marriage. The father that knew he'd go soon, without knowing. 

So many things left unsaid, so many questions still to be asked...

That threw me into a black hole, battling depression and searching for meaning and reasons to live. The pain was thick and heavy, my heart was broken, my soul was weeping. 

I knew there must be more out there...

What was I to learn from this? What was my message? My lesson? 

Yet, it all begun with the sound of nature...

When I look back to my homeland, I see how much it taught me.

I was born in the mesmerizing land of Transylvania, Romania where I got a real feeling of what it means to have your hands covered in soil and go through the year according to seasonal change, carefully following the crops’ development, the lambs being born, the wild flowers blooming. My childhood was happy, free to roam, expansive. 

Cycle and rhythms of the land. The song of seasons and devotion to the Divine.


This beautiful freedom has been tainted, when as a teenager, I underwent a Scoliosis correction surgery, that left me with metal rods and screws attached to my spine.

Not the best thing for my already poor body image in those days.

I became the ‘Iron Woman’ and I started identifying myself with back pains. A lot of them. I thought they come with the package. Every a few months I would have to stay in bed because it would be too painful to walk. I was told to lose weight, but I could never drop more than 1-2kg. 

I believed that was the way I would go on my entire life. Up until one day, when I went in for a check-up and I found out that one of the rods broke! The fragility of the situation freaked me out.

Something had to change.


I had to learn to put on my oxygen mask on first before helping others.

I went on a physical, spiritual journey to free myself and find my purpose and subsequently my body of the rods and implants in my spine. 

Little did I know how quickly that would start to spiral and bring me closer into alignment with who I was meant to be.