Oracle Card Reading


Want to get in touch with your intuition? Receive answers and insights around a decision, situation or you’re just craving a general message of guidance from your spirit guides and higher self?

Book an in depth personal reading, where you will receive a detailed video with the reading and a personal message.

Having done thousands of readings over the past few years, I am deeply looking forward to pass on any guidance received for you to help you find reassurance or direction at this point in your life around the area you’re interested in.

Trust you are in the right place.

Much love,

Denisa Maria Ratulea


Note: this session is not live. Once you book, please email me at hello @ (remove spaces) if you have a specific area you want me to know about. Otherwise I will proceed with the reading, connecting to your energy and opening the space for any guidance you may need right now. I aim to get back to you with a reading within 48h, unless I am off grid or travelling, which will be specified.