It’s DAY 6 of the 10-Day Bloom Launch Giveaway and today’s prize is a very dear one to me. OllyBars are one of the best natural energy bars out there. Unlike other brands, which are packed with dates, overpowering any other ingredients, Ollybars are packed with chia seeds, nuts, superfoods and different dry fruit. They’re the perfect snack, all day breakfast or workout fuel. I sometimes live on them when travelling or doing events!

Olly, the founder, is also a great friend of mine and I can tell you that he’s very passionate about what he does. The whole brand started in his kitchen some years ago and the bars are still handmade in Hackney to this day. I absolutely love that, and whenever I visit the production kitchen I feel like a kid in a candy store. The good candy! Hope you’ll enjoy today’s bundle! Happy days! 

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It’s DAY 5 of the 10-Day Bloom Launch Giveaway and today we have a premiere. A goodie bag from London’s first all vegan supermarket, packed with useful products. Green Bay UK just launched a few weeks ago in West Kensington, at 228 North End Road, W14 9NU, and it’s been long due. Having a place where you can stock up on all sorts of products that you wouldn’t find normally elsewhere and being able to not worry about asking whether something’s free from or not is bliss for an ever-growing segment of the population choosing not to have animal products.

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Second Nature - Bloom Cookbook 10 Giveaway
It’s DAY 4 of the 10-Day Bloom Launch Giveaway and there’s not much I can say about today’s prize, because it speaks for itself the moment you try it. Ombar an incredibly creamy, tasty, melting in your mouth, organic, raw chocolate that tastes better than any chocolate out there.

I discovered Ombar chocolates a few years back at a trade show and it was love at first sight.I love the company ethos – making sure the farmers providing the cacao are paid fairly, the flavours they put together, that fact that they use probiotics in their chocolates (remember the importance of good bacterias from yesterday’s email?) and the fact that the founders are some of the nicest people you can meet. I’m sure you’ll love this bundle! Read on…

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Second Nature - Bloom Cookbook 10 Giveaway
It’s DAY 3 of the 10-Day Bloom Launch Giveaway and today we’re going to pop a bubble! A different type of bubbly. Let me introduce you to…Kombucha! It’s been a few years since I’ve first had kombucha and it’s been a favourite of mine ever since. If you’ve never come across it, Kombucha is a fermented green or black tea, with a sweet-sour taste, in between cider and vinegar. It’s fizzy and has a refreshing effect. It’s been made for centuries in Asia, and now it’s taking over the West as a favourite refreshment and alcohol alternative. If you’re into making your on stuff and like a project, I encourage you to look up how to make it and give it a go. By being fermented and unpasteurised, kombucha has a beneficial effect on your gut flora, promoting a healthy, balanced colony. Plus, if it helps you replace a couple of glasses of wine in the evening, it’s even better!

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Second Nature - Bloom Cookbook 10 Giveaway
What a day yesterday! We’ve had a crazy response to the first day of the giveaway and I was so excited to put the numbers through to select the winners. If you entered the competition you’ll find out the winners names in the email that’s been sent to you already. 

It’s DAY 2 of the 10-Day Bloom Launch Giveaway and today I have a sweet-sour treat for you. Think Vitamin C sherbet. Mmmm! I fell in love with Baobab when I tried Aduna’s Baobab at one of their product launches and I’ve used it ever since. Besides using it in smoothies and desserts, my favourite way to add baobab into my food is via dressings! No need for lemon, as it will give it the right taste and add a heap of a Vitamin C content and not only. Check out below some of the benefits of today’s prize. Good luck! 

Denisa xxo

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Second Nature - Bloom 10 Giveaway
Let’s roll the ball! This is Day 1 of the 10-Day Bloom Launch Giveaway and I’m excited to share with you one of the first green powders and oils I started using when I changed my diet to a plant based one. To this day it’s still one of my favourite green powders and Omega 3:6:9 supplements, perfect for travelling and also as a booster in colder months, when you don’t get as much sun nor fresh, local produce and I feel like I could use some help. Alkalinity is one of the main focuses of the book, as well as the way I started my healthy lifestyle in the first place, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy this!

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1. vb: to be in or achieve a state of healthful beauty and vigor.

2. noun: a flourishing, healthy condition.

It’s all happening and we’re celebrating in style! Bloom is officially live and we’re taking 10 days to celebrate life, food and happy moments!

Healthy living is about having fun, enjoying what you’re doing and having the least amount of negative impact on our environment. I am passionate about food, making it super tasty and good for you and for the planet. After years of creating recipes, teaching and sharing what I know about this with the world I have created this book in order to gather my best recipes and methods in one place and make them available worldwide.

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Leftover Juice Pulp Carrot Cake Recipe
Did you ever wonder what to do with leftover juice pulp and felt really sorry when binning it? I know exactly how you feel! I hate wasting food. 
I always say in classes when talking about nut milk, to always try to Repurpose and Reuse leftover pulp, because throwing it away is just like putting money in the bin. 

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Hi there my friend!

Hope you’re amazing! I’m back in the UK and getting myself back on track with the usual routine after a week of adventures aka house moving. Never thought that moving is a dangerous sport, but in this mighty city it is. This has been one of the most stressful weeks I had in a while and I’m so glad it’s over. Phew! The one constant I had while packing, unpacking, repacking and unpacking again (yes that many times, if not more in a week!) was breakfast. I’m so, so grateful for that! It brought balance and some sort of structure to my days. You’ll love this healthy summer breakfast! 

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You know how sometimes you’re so hungry you can’t even bear the thought of taking the food out of the fridge? First of all, if you’re ever like that, drink some warm water. Then proceed to try this recipe, which I created in one of those moments. I do love cooking and I can spend half a day in the kitchen without realising, but that’s my studio and creative place. When it comes to quick fixes, I am a queen at it.

They all have their time, but when you’re busy , it’s all about getting in and out of the kitchen with a happy plate as quick as you can. I am talking about the new fast food in town – raw food! Wait until you try this carrot pasta! 

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