Denisa’s Birthday Giveaway Bash – Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my Birthday Giveaway! 

It’s the last one for this giveaway and I saved it for you one of the first green powders and oils I started using when I changed my eating habits to a plant based one.

To this day they’re still my favourite green powder and Omega 3:6:9 supplement, perfect for travelling and also as a booster in colder months, when you don’t get as much sun nor fresh, local produce and I feel like I could use some help. 


Much love,

Denisa xo 

1 x Udo’s Choice Oil, 250ml + 1 Beyond Greens RRP £38.98  (worldwide)
1 x  Udo’s Choice Oil, 250ml RRP £12.99 (worldwide)
1 x  Udo’s Choice Oil, 250ml RRP £12.99 (worldwide)


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A) Then Head OVER to the Second Nature Facebook or Instagram page and like both ones, if you haven’t done so already. 

B) Share today’s image on Facebook or Instagram using “Wanna win a supply of Udo’s Choice Oil and Greens? Take a look at the #SecondNatureGiveaway”

Each social media platform counts as 20 points. If you use both you get more chances of winning. 

STEP 2 for Extra Points (and chances to win)

10 Points Entry: If you’re not in the Healthy Living Community come along and bring a friend.

Each friend added to the group counts as 10 points. 

10 Points Entry: Tag a friend under the original post. Each tag = 10 points 

10 Points Entry: Tell us in a comment how does being healthy feel for you. 



1. Today’s giveaway is open to anyone over 18, anywhere in the world.
2. There will be three winners. 
3. In order to enter the prize draw all you need to do is follow step 1. Step 2 is optional and it will give you extra entries which increase your chance of winning.
4. This competition is in no way affiliated with Instagram or Facebook. 
5. Today’s competition ends next day at 11.59 GMT. A winner will be announced the following day via Facebook Live.
You can read the entire Terms and Conditions list here.

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