Isn’t it wonderful to be able to enjoy vibrant food and drinks, music, energy and fantastic vibes without having to think too much about it? I can tell you IT IS. And we need more of these opportunities. Since I stopped drinking socially, I found myself many times having to explain myself to others.

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Don’t you sometimes need a bit of simplicity more than anything? Green Smoothies count in too. This is a super alkaline green smoothie recipe that works at any time of the day.  I was inspired by Brancusi to go simple and enjoy the full taste of each ingredient in this blend. It’s just perfect as it is! Check out the recipe and share with your loved ones!

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Good morning! Sometimes Mondays need a head start with some chocolate #greensmoothie from early on. Can’t argue with that. Right?

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15 / 05 / 2014


Or how to get more greens into your life…

Green is the colour of life, of health, of freshness and we all want to acquire its values. Green is chlorophyll, green is oxygen and green in plants is extremely nutrient dense. There is no doubt, we should all eat more greens. Some of the biggest and strongest mammals on earth are living on a diet based on greens and fruits. And most likely they’re not wondering where do they take their protein from. The animal flesh consumed today comes from animals which feed on greens and grasses (or so they are designed to do, but sadly, it is not the case any more in industrial farming).

Why not cut the “middle-man” and choose to eat the real deal ourselves as well?

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When I started eating alkaline I had the zig zag look onto it. Zig all the time Zag every now and then. And my most precious zag for an entire summer was ice cream!

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I am one of those lucky ones that have family in a sunny country. My parents live in Barcelona and every few months I have a blood line excuse to book a trip to Spain. I love them to bits!

This holiday one of my goals was to introduce my family to green smoothies. My parents are feeling the effects of too much acid and inflammation in their bodies and I’m trying to find a way to open the wonderful world of blending and juicing to them.

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I have been going mental for the past week over the trampoline my neighbours just got and invited me to use whenever I wish. Awesome, right?

To put it into perspective rebounding, or jumping on the trampoline is a great way to put your lymph system into movement and remove the dead cells from your body.It’s also fantastic to reconnect with your inner child 🙂 I always go crazy when I’m on one of them! That’s the most amazing thing: it makes you feel good straight away putting you into a peak state.

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A green smoothie with a twist: mango and radish leaves!

Have you been throwing the radish tops when you buy them? Well, now you don’t have to! Pair them with some fruits and make a happy marriage!

– 1 bunch radish leaves
– 1 small handful parsley
– 1 mango
– 1 handful frozen berries

How to:

Add water half way through and blend till creamy dreamy  Add some chocolate for the ultimate experience! 

This is sooooo, so delicious! An excellent anti-inflammatory and digestive facilitator. Think of it as an internal spa visit! 

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Wild green! Nature’s gift to us urban wanderers. Next time you walk by a dandelion patch, pick some leaves, wash them well and blend them! They’re delicious! Rich in Calcium and Iron, as well as antioxidants and supports liver detoxification. Top that with another free source! 

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