I don’t know how you feel about it, but if you’re like me you could eat entire tubs of hummus and just be happy! Right? Well, there’s a reason to that 🙂

Chickpeas, together with other legumes, contain higher levels of Tryptophan, an amino acid precursor to serotonin. If you’re not familiar with it, serotonin is a neurotransmitter strongly connected to well-being and mood aka the happy chaps in our brain. 

Take anxiety and depression – they’re linked to a serotonin deficiency. Some even claim that chickpeas are responsible for the evolution happening 10000 years ago in the middle eastern are. Regardless of what you think, chickpeas are delicious and make great dips, dressings, cakes, snacks, pancakes, scramble veg. You name it, whether in whole form or ground up as flour. 

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Wild garlic also known as bear’s garlic 🙂 was one of those herbs I grew up with and saw each spring in the fields as a child in the Romanian country side. Later on it was sold at the market in big bunches and we used it for salads and soups. It has a strong garlic-peppery taste and there’s no way you can miss it. The beauty of it is that it grows freely around parks and fields and it’s in season in March/April so it can be picked up on your walk. 


Besides being used in salads or soups, it makes a fantastic pesto ingredient instead of basil. It’s strong, pungent and long lasting and if you pair it with the right ingredients you have an absolutely killer combination! Plus, it’s super good for you! Antibacterial, antibiotic and antiseptic makes a great addition if you’re feeling under the weather. Plus, it lowers blood pressure, so if you struggle with that, stock up on it and make some pesto!

Ollie and I went nuts for this vegan wild garlic pesto recipe and we’re already half way through the jar since yesterday!! Nuts indeed! Time to go for a walk to pick up some more this weekend. Here’s how it’s made…

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In the process of preparing for last week’s Raw Desserts Masterclass (which was one of the best classes I’ve run so far!) I’ve taken time to do some research on sugar as it’s the hottest subject nowadays. You might have encountered a blog post, article or someone doing an sugar-free diet already. Or you’re doing it already. But what’s the deal with sugar and why did we end up where we are today? 
You know what? Change is fantastic! We need change in order to continue growing, and if we’re not growing, we’re dying. It’s as simple as that. 

Change comes in all sorts of ways. You might change your work place, your location or style. You might even change your diet and way of living. That is good. Usually, change is welcomed with resistance. Don’t we all know it so well? But what happens when you cross the threshold? How do you feel about it? Today I want to share some of my recent small BIG change, what I’ve learnt from it and 3 small changes you can make to live a healthier lifestyle and hope to at least inspire you to make a small change. 

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Healing Golden Porridge
Ever since I moved to the UK and discovered porridge(!), it’s always been my go to breakfast when I need a warming, simple and lasting fuel. But I never liked it plain. When I was studying in Rochester, my best friend was cooking porridge the 5 elements way, adding the ingredients in a specific order and cooking it for a very long time. It was packed with spices, nuts and seeds and so delicious! And that’s when I learnt it needn’t be just water and oats. D’oh!

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Warming foods for winter
Keeping warm in lower temperatures is one of my top priorities and I’m always dreaming of a never ending summer. It’s been really cold in London these past few days and if you’ve been around or you’re somewhere with low temperatures you know what I’m talking about. And there’s still an Arctic cold wave to come this week! Brrrrrr!

That’s why I wanted to share with you a list of warming foods that you can introduce in your diet to help your body cope with low temperatures. Plus, there’s a new class in town! Read On…

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Happy Pancake Day! 

Since today is Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day I bring you not one, but two recipes! One for yummy fluffy sweet pancakes and one for yummier savoury crepes(below)! (You can tell I have a savoury tooth!)

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It’s been 2 weeks since I woke up warm and high on anaesthetics in a white post op room. Some of you might have received my ultra high, packed with anaesthetic and pain killers voice messages. Oh, those are fun to listen to now! It felt as if no time has passed and nothing happened. Yet I was connected to oxygen and tubes were coming in and out of me. Compared to my initial scoliosis surgery 10 years ago this has been a piece of cake. 

As you may know by now, I’ve prepared mentally and physically for this surgery for the past 4-5 years and I knew everything would be ok. I’m in awe of how amazing the human body is. It’s not like I didn’t know that already, but seeing it change, strengthen and recover every day is somewhat of an amazing thing. Having prepared for so long for this, it went down a treat and took care of itself impeccably. On the other side, I am compelled to share my emotional lessons which were so much more stronger than the physical ones this time. And there were a lot of tears…
Here are my 3 most important lessons I’ve learnt in the past 2 weeks: 
The science of taste

Lately, I have been immersing myself in the science of taste and what makes us taste and experience food as part of some research I am doing. I must say it’s fascinating and at the moment I just can’t put this book down “Tasty – The art and science of what we eat”. Read on to enter the magic world of taste…  

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The other day I went to TedX Hackney “The Future of Food” and it only reinforced the necessity of us being the change. Here’s what I learned…

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