I don’t know whether I found public speaking or public speaking found me… The truth is, I love it! 

Whether it’s on nutrition related topics or matters concerning lifestyle, holistic and well being subjects I am thrilled to be of service and speak in front of people. Here are some of my past talks, as well as upcoming speaking events that are outside the classes and events I run myself. 

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Just finished a lavish chocolate cake as you do on a Tuesday night and decided not to waste the leftovers from the blender’s walls. And boy, was I inspired!

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On the 21st of July took place the Raw Foods Beginners class in Bucharest, in a great location – a beautiful raw deserts and juice parlour, Rawcoco. I simply loved it! I got to share my passion and love for health and well being and over 25 excited students got to enjoy 7 delicious recipes while hearing about the benefits, hacks and quirks of an alkaline, plant based lifestyle. It was also the first time when we had to turn people away because the location was too small to fit everyone. I promise I’ll be back for more! 

Until then i wanted to share with you a basic green smoothie recipe adapted to the seasonal and local supply.

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As you may know I am enjoying my favourite month of the year – July – at home, in Romania. I love being here and I am excited to present my Raw Foods 101 course over here. Tomorrow I have the first class in Brasov, and just before I return to London there will be the second one in Bucharest.

Even though I love being at home because of the people I have around, I don’t have a fixed place to stay since my flat is empty and I cruise around my friends and relatives. Which is great. However, I miss my green smoothies and morning routines. Water, tonic, smoothie, yoga, meditation. I can still do these, but when hopping places is not the same.

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Sometimes less is more. So it happens in this case.

Take watermelon. A king of the fruit empire. Always to be eaten on its own, it doesn’t need any introduction. 

Take basil. A royal of the herb dynasty. A hint of its powerful flavour will awaken all your senses. 

Bring them together and you’ve got yourself a summer, youth elixir. 

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Looking for ways to get your child to eat more greens? Or just want to feed your inner child? Well this is it! The most delicious summer children’s green smoothie, packed with goodness and hidden greens. Call it The Wizard of Oz or maybe the Tin Man…Regardless of that it’s a delight! The kids around have confirmed. Get your blend mood on…

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What do raw cacao and the world cup have in common?

Well, I don’t know much about football, but when it comes to big games, I do know it brings people together. I remember how 4 years ago during the 2010 World Cup I was living in Barcelona and whenever one of the countries we were from would play, we’d all gather up and make a celebration out of it. 

Now, you may be watching the games with friends and you’re not sure what to snack on. Here’s a great games healthy snack, raw and super food infused. Since today Brasil plays with Mexico I’m inspired to use raw cacao in the dip. 

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Holiday mood on? YES please! Papaya addiction? Kinda! This Green Smoothie is so fresh! I call it Strawberry Breeze! With raw cacao nibs it’s even decadently delicious! Mmmm!

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I’m in that phase of  day dreaming of a really, really good ice cream. The type that makes you wanna go nuts and scream. Cause that’s what Iscream is made for! I’d also like to feel the pleasure of tasting real flavours and textures without artificial sugars and if possible, dairy. Am I asking for too much London? A good, decent, vegan ice cream? I think not. 

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Whether you’re training for a run, hitting the gym or doing yoga, you’re breaking up your muscles every time you work out. In order to speed up recovery and fuel the right way you need to alkalise and give your body the right foods.

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