Hello there wanderer,

The time has come to invite you once again to the original Second Nature home and my home – the land of Transylvania. Experience a week long transition into summer by pausing, recharging and expanding your mind and body at the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, in a gorgeous villa, minutes from Dracula’s Castle.

Join me and a handful of carefully selected people to experience the ultimate Raw Transylvanian Adventure. Because of the very, very limited places we’re opening an application process. You can apply via the link below and fill in the form. Application are open now. For other questions email us at hello@second-nature.co .

I look forward to being your host! We’ll have a blast!

Much love, Denisa

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Why a retreat?

We all need to pause, detoxify and restore our energy levels and revitalise our health. The fast paced environment we live in requests a pausing time to allow our bodies to naturally recharge and replenish in order to maintain optimum health and well being.  

However, it’s not about getting by anymore, it’s about how you live your life at its fullest! By being in the right environment and giving your body the right food and nutrients within the right mindset you’re charging your batteries for success. Healthy living is not a fad diet or a trend. It’s a long term investment equally important as your retirement plan. The seeds we plant today will thrive and bear fruit continuously along our life. It’s not about instant gratification, but long term habits built to last and serve you and the ones around you. A happy, energetic body will lead to a happy mind and that will affect the quality of your relationships and everyday life.

Take a look at what we’ve put together just for you to experience…

What’s Included:

  • airport transfer from Bucharest airport 
  • 7 nights en-suite accommodation
  • 3 days juice cleansing
  • 4 days living foods meals
  • superfoods
  • juicing, blending and raw food workshops 
  • 1 to 1 nutritional coaching 
  • daily yoga and gymnastics
  • 1 x 60 min massage session (more available)
  • inspirational and educational talks
  • countryside activities
  • fresh air from the foothills of the mountains
  • peace and tranquillity


  • flights
  • extra massage sessions


  • SAVE THE DATE – September 2017 



Transylvania is not a fantasy place where Bram Stoker placed his novel, but a real historical region in Romania. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and still a virgin territory from many aspects. The pace of life here might send you back 100 years in time and the scenery will complement it, making any visit a special one to remember. You will stay in the village of Bran surrounded by valleys, hills and mountains. The energy and purity of nature here would count alone for a retreat, but there’s more to it than that. 


Meet Anda and Denisa, your hosts. London based, but Transylvanian at heart, they share the same passion for healthy living, raw foods, nature and adventure. We want to share our experience and expertise with you and host you in our favorite place. Denisa is a health coach, nutritional therapist and raw food chef, the brains and soul behind Second Nature. From teaching living food classes to catering for large parties and events with green smoothies and raw foods, Denisa has a way to make you fall in love with healthy living. Anda shares the same passion for nutrition inspired from an early age by her grandmother who is a doctor. Outside her corporate job, she loves to travel, conquer different mountains, mediate and do sports – living a healthy life in tune with nature as much as possible and is happy to host you and make you feel at home in her home. 


Juices, smoothies and raw foods will be the centerpiece of  your menus. You will be nourished with the best local ingredients (as much as the seasons allows it) in the form of juices for the first 3 days, followed by raw foods for the remaining 4.  By sending readily available nutrition to your cells you will allow your body, and entire system for that matter, to pause and repair. It will be a feast for your taste buds and eyes – tasty, colorful and satisfying. 


What good would it be to come for 7 days and leave without knowing what to do next? You will be taught the rationale behind the raw food diet and plant based nutrition, the steps you need to know to make your life easier, recipes and how to’s when it comes to juicing, blending and food preparation. You will be given the right tools to make a healthy lifestyle your second nature. 


It’s not about only what you put into your body but also what you do with it. Yoga is an excellent way to facilitate the detoxing process as well as strengthen your body. Your teacher will make sure you are given the right moves and sequences to complement your needs. There will be one daily yoga sessions and you may request individual consultations at an extra rate per hour.


This retreat is created with you in mind. That is why in order to help you relax while you’re going through the detox phase and cleanse you will have a full body massage session during your stay.


Denisa is your coach for your stay and you will have the possibility to book one of the allocated slots for individual health coaching. During this session you will look at your background and habits and discuss a nutritional strategy for when you will be returning home after the retreat. 


Since you will be in Transylvania, more exactly “Dracula’s County” you will be taken on a tour of the castle and grounds in Bran village to explore the myths and see whether they’re true or not. There will also be country side activities and excursions to discover the beautiful surroundings. 


Last, but not least, your accommodation will be in newly built guest house that intertwines the rustic and traditional style with modern facilities. There are en-suite twin and double rooms available as well as an apartment. The views are spectacular and calming and you will have the privacy and opportunity to enjoy your space and time there. 


Please email us at hello@second-nature.co  for details and availability.

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