April 25


Wisdom from The Oldest Olive Tree in the World

We’re spending a few months this spring in Crete and the energy of the land is magnificent!

On one of our adventures, Ollie(my partner in shine) and I went to experience one of the oldest olive trees – believed to be over 3000 years old!

So, what do you ask a 3000 year tree?! 🌳

You don’t, you just listen and receive. 🙏

And here’s what she had to say…

Allow yourself to see and receive the love around you.

Allow for space.

Allow for healing.

Allow for your roots to go deeper.

Allow for your crown to reach higher.

Allow for the darkness to twist into the light.

Allow for light to come through.

Allow yourself to grow wise, but not older.

Allow for your old self to fall.

Allow for rest and winter.

Allow for your new self to sprout and blossom.

Allow for Nurture. Receive. Transform.

She’s mighty and majestic. She’s wise and healing for those ready to receive. Crawling under her roots, in the dirt to reach her hollow inside felt like a going into the underworld for an initiation.

Once inside you can’t not feel the field of strength required to not only survive but thrive 3000 years later. Yet she had to receive the care given to her by the environment, farmers and villagers in supporting her grow.

Crawling back out in the dirt felt animalistic, wild, and birthing.

I’ve been. I’ve felt. I’ve received. And I’m passing this wisdom to you, as it applies to your every day.

Allow yourself to see the blessings in your world, to receive them and live them, no matter how challenging it all


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