November 28


On Gratitude

These days I’ve seen a lot about gratitude going on on all social media channels and I couldn’t help but wonder: are we really grateful for what we have in our lives? 

Being grateful is a really powerful practice and it can be used as such to enrich our sense of well-being and de-clutter from unnecessary stress and burdens. 

 “When you express gratitude, you raise the vibrations around you to a higher frequency. You create positive energy that emanates out from you and returns to you as wonderful experiences. You become magnetic. Good things and good people gravitate toward you because you’re such a joy and delight to be around.” Louise Hay

However, I’ve realised that rather than listing a few things every day on what we’re grateful for, it’s so much more powerful to choose one to focus on and feel it through your entire being. It only takes a few minutes when you wake up or go to bed and it leaves you with and immense sense of wholeness. Sometimes I write it down, sometimes I just go through it and visualise it. It’s really powerful and I last week I got to experience it at a new level, as I had a huge shift from sadness to gratefulness around my father’s 3 year memorial.
Ever since my father passed away three years ago I’ve learnt a lot about human nature and feelings. Usually, as it gets closer to the date, Nov 22nd, I become a little bit emotional and nostalgic.This year has been particularly tough because I didn’t expect it to get any more difficult than it has been in the past and somehow it did. I’ve allowed myself to experience the sadness and took the time I needed to process it. That involved getting out of town, being with friends, taking time alone, meditating and a lot of CAKE. That’s meditation too, you know, right? 

Then I let go of it and I embraced the memories that remained, and most importantly what I’ve learnt about my father after he passed away. I became grateful for that. For every penny that dropped years after from a simple conversation, for every dream he showed up in, for every intuitive advice I felt he was giving me and the sweet feeling of taking his memory forward.

It’s a thin line transforming grief into fuel, but is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever experienced. As some of you may know or not, one of my biggest influences in starting Second Nature was my father. I’ve learnt who he really was only after he died and that had a huge impact on me. Because of that I made it my mission to influence as many people as I can and make a positive difference in their lives, just as he did.

During the wake, we’ve had around 500 people coming over 3 days to pay their respects. 500 for a small village is a LOT. Just seeing all those people coming to our house taught me a great lesson. I’ve also heard so many stories about how he touched their life with small actions and doings. It may have been a word, it may have been a good deed, but he was always there to help you out.  It finally struck me that even though he is not here physically, he continues to live through what I do every single day. That my friends is my super power. I could feel it all around me, filling the room I was in at the time. With teary eyes, I’ve felt an immense sense of gratitude and protection. 

We all deal with loss differently, and grief is something that needs to be experienced so that you can move on. It’s a natural process that requires its time and there’s a lesson in everything we experience. I’ve been learning my lessons regarding this for three years now and before I thought every time a new penny dropped that this was it – there’s nothing else to learn. I now feel that this will never end…and I am truly grateful for it. 

Keep shining your light! 

Lots of love,

Denisa xxo

Denisa Ratulea Ioan Ratulea


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