May 16


Learning to love your cycle – Inner Winter

For all our lives we’ve been taught to repress the natural cycles of our bodies. 

To hide our period.

To be ashamed of it.

To act in secrecy around it.

To repress it with a pill in exchange for false freedom.

To numb it with painkillers.

To avoid talking about it.

To just get on it with.

To “fit in” in a linear man-made world , put up with it, because hey “I can’t ask for special treatment just because I’m a girl, gotta suck it up and do it” and go against our innate need to allow into it and feel what’s there in our womb calling for us.

I used to crumble in pain on my periods. I used to think I can’t let it get “in the way” of what I’m doing. And just try to numb the pain and silence it. 

Until I’ve learnt that “IT” is the way and I started listening to what it wanted.

We’re not machines, we have a body that can show us the way without external influence. ❤

And it’s showing me the way to connect with myself, with my ancestry, with my femininity, goddess energy and the great mother of them all, mama Earth.

I can now celebrate it and enjoy it(even when it still hurts), where before I thought it was Impossible. It’s such a journey of self-development of both inner healing and learning.

When we begin to bleed, we step into our inner Winter for a few days, a time to go inward, rest and repair. Assess the month before. Celebrate and create.

It’s one of the most creative times and one of the most connected ones with the other world. 

It’s a time when putting up with other people’s BS is not an option and we speak our truth. 

If it’s out of balance it goes into what they call bitching cos “she’s on her period”. 

But when in balance, all she wants is to be safe, alone and supported to lay low for a few days(or hours if that’s all you have) and then come out on the other side in Spring, the post-menstrual/pre-ovulation inner season ready to face the world again. 

If we would be in tune with our cycle and work around it productivity would skyrocket, but also inner fulfilment. 
It’s fascinating and revealing. The knowledge we carry inside is bursting to come out, to be heard and listened to

Go with the flow sister! 

Much love,

Denisa xoxo


Image Source: Caroline Manière


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