Kale, Chard, Papaya Green Smoothie

This is sooooo, so delicious! An excellent anti-inflammatory and digestive facilitator. Think of it as an internal spa visit! 

Did you know Columbus called Papaya “the fruit of the angels”? No wonder! It’s not only delicious and smooth, but also protects you like a guardian angel: it’s a digestive aid, irritation and wound healer (i.e. ulcers), rich in anti-oxidants, immunity support and anti-fungal properties. A wonderful source of enzyme for the sluggish digestive system.
– 1/4 large Papaya
– 1 handful Chards
– 2-3 leaves Kale
– 1 inch ginger knob
– 3 spoons flax seeds, aka linseeds (best if soaked over night in water)
– 1 mint stalk
– 1/2 banana (if you’re a newbie to GS)
How to:
Add water half way through and blend to your desired consistency. Ta-daa! Behold your delicious green smoothie! Yuuuum! Now let yourself guided by your Papayan angel haha!To your health!P.S. The picture on the right is take exactly a year ago on a trip to Kalmykia, Russia, the only Buddhist state in Europe – such beautiful memories!

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