October 25


Picking up a new challenge out of my comfort zone

A week after getting back from our cycle to Paris, it’s time to set up the next challenge. 

I’m one of those people that like having a goal to work for as it keeps me accountable.

Ollie(partner in shine), has been on my case for ages to do a marathon, but I just kept saying no. 

Today, he asked me again: “When are you doing your first marathon? It’s time to step it up”. 

Damn, listening to Living with A Seal the whole day has had an effect on us! 

I normally roll my eyes, but this time I just had a feeling…

The same feeling I had when I said “Yes” to cycling to Paris without knowing how I was going to do it. 

A tingling in my stomach of excitement and “oh shoot, what am I getting myself into?!” yet already scouting for locations.

So, I started “just looking”, no committal, for some marathon courses I might get excited about in the next 6 months.

A few hours later, I’m registered for the Hampton Court Half Marathon in February and pre-registered for the Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel in France in May. 

I’ve always wanted to go to Saint Michel and it’s been a dream of mine since I was a child, so it seems to fit perfectly.

Then I found out about the Brasov Mountain Trail Marathon, which would be amazing to do in my hometown in April.

Dilemma!! What to do?!

So, now I don’t know whether I’ll do the  Saint Michel Marathon or Brasov Marathon (which is considerably tougher), but one thing is clear, it’s scary AF, but before my next birthday, I will have run a marathon!!!!!! 

Or, to hell with it, maybe two!! 

This “Living with a Seal” book is clearly having an impact on my sanity!!!

It’s scary, exciting, and if I learnt anything from cycling to Paris, is that from these moments of sheer insanity the magic unfolds.

Now I know where I’m heading, I’m going to take it one day at a time, one foot in front of another.


Choose a goal, put the work in, enjoy the journey!

I guess 2018 goals are made before January 

Does anyone want to join me?


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