Easy Thai Green Curry Recipe

If you walk around anywhere in Thailand you will find a Thai Green Curry. We spend 1-2 months every year in Ko Samui for Beautiful You Retreats and this recipe takes me back to Thailand every time I make it.

It is a staple at all our Beautiful You Retreats in Thailand and a classic to make. Every year I go back to Samui I improve the recipe by learning with from the locals. There are as many curry recipes, as there are mothers and grandmothers, and as with all staples in different cuisines, there isn’t ONE recipe to cure them all. You’ll have to make it a few times and give it your touch. 

This is my take on a Thai Green Curry. It’s warming and comforting for colder or rainy days, but can be enjoyed any time. 

In this recipe, I make all the paste in the blender together with the milk. You can also buy a green curry paste and add that in, however, the freshest is the one you make at home, plus you can customise it yourself according to your needs or preferences (ie no sugar, fish sauce, garlic, etc – can be left out if you want). In Thailand, they make the paste by pounding in a mortar all the ingredients together, a process that is labour intensive and counts as a workout! 

It’s a one-pot meal and freezes well too if you want to plan your food in advance for the days you can’t/don’t have time to cook. 

They say that making it like that keeps more flavour variety in, rather than blending it all together, but I’ll tell you, I can’t tell the difference much in between the two and I think you won’t either.


Thai Green Curry Recipe



1 stick lemongrass

2 lime’s juice

4 kefir lime leaves

1 knob ginger

1 shallot or 1 onion

2 tsp coriander seeds, toasted

2 tsp cumin, toasted

1 pinch black pepper

1 clove garlic

1 bunch green coriander

1 tsp salt

2 cans coconut milk or/ 200g coconut flakes



1 sweet potato

2 peppers

1/2 cup frozen green beans (or fresh)

1/2 cup frozen corn (or fresh baby corn)

1 handful mangetout

2 carrots

1/4 cauliflower

300g mushrooms

(Feel free to swap one or more ingredients for another one if you don’t have it – for example just green beans and mushrooms. Or sweet potato-pepper-corn)



1. Toast the coriander seeds, cumin, pepper and kefir lime leaves.

2. Add them to a blender with the rest of the base ingredients and top up with 4 cups warm water. (If you have a small blender just do 1 cup, and make it cold, as you can’t release the heat build-up in the blender and it may explode)

3. Chop the veg in bite-size pieces and toss into the heated pan, adding the base on top and stirring. Top up with water if needed to reach the same level as the veg. Simmer until the sweet potatoes are cooked.

4. Add chilli according to your taste and season with salt, if needed, and 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

5. Serve with brown rice or noodles and freshly chopped chilli and coriander. Enjoy!

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