Wild green! Nature’s gift to us urban wanderers. Next time you walk by a dandelion patch, pick some leaves, wash them well and blend them! They’re delicious! Rich in Calcium and Iron, as well as antioxidants and supports liver detoxification. Top that with another free source! 

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Have you ever thought of using the tops of let’s say, kohl rabi? I am a fan of beet tops, but these are perfect for green smoothies as well.

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Have you been having the sniffles lately? Besides lots of good sleep, which is the most important thing you can do, here’s a natural boost to help you overcome it or keep you from catching it. And as the sunshine keeps delighting us with slightly warmer temperatures, expect that running nose to be crying for help. But this is all good – you’re in tune with the season transition and getting ready to rid yourself from winter and slowly, gently, jump into glorious spring!

If you feel a bit under the weather increase the natural ‘immunisers’ – your body will be forever very grateful! And even if you don’t. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here’s to an awesome week!
In this recipe it’s all about generosity!

This speaks summer at its best. Bursting with flavour raspberry, fragrant basil and a good dose of nature and sun. Use frozen bananas for the ultimate creaminess!  


-1 handful kale
-2 handful raspberries(fresh or frozen)
-1 banana
-4 leaves basil
-2 spoons hemp seeds

How to:

Add the kale first then the rest of the ingredients, pour water half way through and blend until the Gods of Creaminess decide it’s enough 🙂 Enjoy!

To your health!

Denisa xxo 

Take the berry route – it’s delicious! If you want some dazzling summer sensations in all seasons go for this green smoothie! It’s a winner!

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This green smoothie is like a fresh, morning hike, with a zing. That zing of reaching your destination and being on the mountain top, looking at the world upside down. *With your feet in the air, and head on the ground* kind of thing.

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06 / 01 / 2014

Hello World!

Welcome! This will be our now hang-out place where magic, tasty, delicious things will happen 🙂

Let’s roll the ball! 

xx Denisa


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