August 26


12 Foods to Boost Your Mood

If you’re like me you may have never had any trouble with sudden weather changes. I always saw the silver lining in the rain and thunder and the sunshine that’s to follow. That’s why I had nothing to say when people from abroad asked me how can I live in London. Don’t I get tired of the weather?! Well not really, no. Until now!  

I don’t know what is going on, but I am really feeling the rain these days. Big time. So what is there to do? Create your own sunshine! It all happens in the brain and besides self pep talk we can contribute to happiness levels with nutrition. Scientists have identified 9 key nutrients that can boost our mood.  So let’s check them out and see what it takes to be happy as a bee and increase your serotonin levels! 

The 9 nutrients for lifting up the mood are Calcium, Chromium, Folate, Iron, Vitamin B6 and B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Omega 3’s and Zinc. Now you can say well, that’s about all the foods out there. 

But here’s are 12 foods you can eat to pump up your blues on days like these and what they contain from our happy nutrients list:
  1. Sesame seeds and Tahini (Iron, Calcium)
  2. Broccoli (Chromium)
  3. Kale, Collards and Dark Greens (Iron, Calcium, Magnesium)
  4. Figs (Calcium, Iron) 
  5. Spinach (Folate)
  6. Bananas (B6, Iron, Magnesium)
  7. Raw Chocolate (Magnesium)
  8. Chia Seeds (Omega 3)
  9. Chickpeas ( B6, Iron, Folate)
  10. Chanterelle Mushrooms (Vit D)
  11. Pumpkin Seeds (Zinc)
  12. Marine Phytoplankton (Vit D, Omega 3, B12, Zinc) * I started looking into this recently and taking it and it’s an amazing superfood and supplement. I recommend you check it out and see if it suits you. 
Why not make yourself a killer hot chocolate or green smoothie with some of these ingredients? You don’t need to have them all. Just try and add as much of these to your daily regimen. You can be so creative with them. 


Here’s My Happy Menu Example:




Green Smoothie 

Blend: 2 handful Greens, 1 Banana, 1 Handful Grapes, 1 Slice Lemon, 1 spoon Chia seeds, 1 tsp Algae of choice,  2 Cups Water 






Steamed Broccoli and Marinated Mushrooms Salad 

with Yummy Chickpeas and Tahini Dressing 

Dressing: 1/2 can Chickpeas blended with 1 spoon tahini, 1/4 cup water, 1/2 lemon’s juices, 2 spoons olive oil, 1 spoon toasted sesame oil, 1 tsp salt, 1 clove garlic, sprinkled with Pumpkin Seeds





Dessert – Chocolate Spread Mousse

Chocolate Spread: 4 Dry Figs blended with 1 spoon Raw Cacao, 1/4 cup water, 1/2 spoon Coconut Oil and a pinch of Cinnamon.

Spread it on crackers/bread or sliced fruit. 




Et voila! This can be your happy food menu! Let me know if you’ve tried it. 

I hope it inspires you! And if you want to experiment with even more recipes be spontaneous and join me for the Raw Food Party tomorrow where we will have plenty of happy food and learn how to make it. Check the images below! Yum! There is one place left and I have a last minute discount for you if you use RAWPARTY at check out. I look forward to seeing you soon!
Until next time, keep shining! 
Much love,
Denisa xxxo 

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