May 13


Vegan Ice Cream – the one in Barcelona

When I started eating alkaline I had the zig zag look onto it. Zig all the time Zag every now and then. And my most precious zag for an entire summer was ice cream!

After the season ended I started avoiding all dairy products so ice cream was not an option any more.

Dairy is extremely acid and promotes inflammation in the body. Whenever I have some after a long break I get spots on my face and body and lots of mucus build up. It’s crazy that we get so used to it until we don’t even realise the strain it puts onto our body.

So unless the ice cream is form Il Palazzo di Fredo, Rome (the best ice crema I can remember!) I avoid dairy ice cream. However I got tired of sugary filled sorbets whenever I ask for dairy free ice cream. You must imagine my joy when I remembered this amazing joint in Barcelona!

I went there so exhorted that I didn’t even realise it’s cash only, me traveling cashless.
I got the biggest, nicest avocado, chocolate, rice cream ice cream only to realise I couldn’t pay for it!!!! I must have had the biggest puppy face in the world because they said I can come the day after to pay. And that’s how they’ve made a customer for life!

Being on holiday I allow myself more Zag’s than usually and enjoy everything as I go.

And this is the best way. As long as you alkalise and drink your greens, go for it! It’s awesome!


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