March 8


My wishes for every woman on International Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day today and every single day!  

These are my wishes for you. 


May you find yourself and your inner magic. 

May you fall deeply in love with yourself and your whole being.

May you speak up without fears and restrictions.

May you see your light and bring it into the world.

May you love your body and cherish it with all its flaws. 

May you celebrate your wins and lesson. 

May you explore your Divine Feminine energy. 

May you find your sisterhood and rise together. 

May you love and be loved in return. 

May you be free. 

As you may or may not know, I now work mostly with women, helping them reconnect with their inner fire, inner goddess and fall in love with who they really are.

We may begin with food as it’s a common external representation of what happens inside on a deeper emotional level, but there’s always more to this than meets the eye. 

There is a big shift happening globally and it’s speeding up as we speak. Women are waking up. It’s time to remember our deep connections with ourselves, with the rhythms and cycles of nature, with our sisters and honour these as we used to.

This is not about going from a patriarchal society to a matriarchal one, but stepping into an egalitarian, where men equally start connecting with their emotions, feelings and stop being forced into the “be a man pattern”.

This is a longer discussion to have, but today, I just want to honour you and the women in your life. May we all see our worth and value and accept it.

Till next time, keep shining!

Lots of love,
Denisa xoxo 


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