October 24


How to Release and Heal Trapped Emotions


Henry Maudsley

I can’t stress enough how important it is that we express our feelings and feel them, to prevent their build up internally and manifest as ailments.

Spending the past month at home in Romania has been emotionally challenging at times. Yet so revealing and fascinating as I’m presented with the opportunity to heal childhood trauma in a way that I didn’t even know it existed.

Have you ever felt pent up? Stressed? For what may seem like no reason at all? Perhaps your world seems great on the surface, surrounded by friends, family and all of the joys of life. Yet deep down you know that there is something missing?

Since I moved to the UK, over 10 years ago, I have done a considerable amount of work on myself and dealt with many of the wounds from my past. I also haven’t spent this much time back home in a while. 

It’s funny how the brain protects us and hides away anything that’s painful or doesn’t serve you until one day, when you’re ready, it takes it out of the drawer and flashes it in front of your eyes. 

A deep sadness rose up to the surface and many memories I thought were happy came up wrapped in all sorts of emotions. All I could do was feel the feels and express what’s been repressed in the past. 

So here’s what has been useful for me and how you can clean out some of your underlying emotions and do the inner work in order to feel like the goddess that you are again 😉     

Up for that?

The truth is that positive thinking does little if anything but cover up how we are really feeling beneath the surface and no matter how hard we try our true feelings and emotions will eventually bubble up to the surface when we least expect/desire them to.

I know I have been there on many occasions and still feel like that from time to time. Especially these past few months (Hello Saturn Return!).

Ollie and I have officially left the UK and although I love travelling the world, coaching, running retreats and goddess circles I still get stressed out from time to time. Everything on paper is good for us, yet I’m aware that I have a great deal of inner work to do (spoiler alert: it never stops for any of us!).

This is how I deal with my underlying emotions when they come up through 3 simple steps:


First of all, pay close attention to your body when you are feeling good, perhaps you feel a sense of lightness or a connection via a particular part of your body.

Then notice how you feel and where you feel it in your body when you are stressed or sad. Focus on those areas and keep breathing in them as you go throughout the day, whenever you remember. By practising radical self-awareness you will be more in tune with your body and with your inner emotions and able to do the inner work.



Give yourself permission to tune in beyond positive thinking to what is really going on inside you and feel the feels. Here are 3 great ways to do that:

  • Tune in to your body & speak out intuitively what you are really feeling. Do not hold back with your language, be raw and unfiltered. You can either do this alone or with someone that you trust or your sisterhood (I can’t stress enough how wonderful goddess circles are for sharing, listening and being heard. I love leading them, as well as participating)


  • Journal it out. Start with an empowering question like “What is this emotion in my body trying to tell me?” Be gentle with yourself and give yourself the gift of time and writing as and when you feel like it and what comes to you


  • Cry it out – If the tears come up to the surface feel them out. Water is a cleansing element, and it’s no wonder that we feel a deep release after crying. Unfortunately, we’ve been told one to many times to toughen up and don’t show emotions. Don’t shy away from them as they’re surfacing for a reason. Stay with the emotion and express it until you feel it’s done. Make sure you drink lots of water to replenish, as well as fill the space you’ve just created with love and gratitude.


Using one or more of the techniques above, explore what lessons are there for you to learn and grow from. You can simply write or ask yourself “What lessons can I learn from here”? Let it flow onto the paper or talking it out loud. 

Now it’s time to move towards a state of gratitude. When you are in a state of gratitude it is impossible to feel fearful, worried or stressed-out  at the same time. Gratitude, therefore, acts as a powerful antidote. It also completes the healing process as clearing out emotions will create an opening in your body that you can then fill with positivity (real positivity, such as the joy of coming through the darkness and gratitude for it appearing) vs surface level positivity.

Simply put your hand on your heart and step in to a moment of gratitude that is either current reality for you or something in the past.

Feel, see, hear and experience that moment, the stronger the feeling of gratitude that you invoke the better. 

Et voila there you have it. A 3 step simple process to heal your emotions and feel the feels, rather than cover them up with a layer of positive thinking.

Much love,

Denisa xoxo 

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