Or how to get more greens into your life…

Green is the colour of life, of health, of freshness and we all want to acquire its values. Green is chlorophyll, green is oxygen and green in plants is extremely nutrient dense. There is no doubt, we should all eat more greens. Some of the biggest and strongest mammals on earth are living on a diet based on greens and fruits. And most likely they’re not wondering where do they take their protein from. The animal flesh consumed today comes from animals which feed on greens and grasses (or so they are designed to do, but sadly, it is not the case any more in industrial farming).

Why not cut the “middle-man” and choose to eat the real deal ourselves as well?

It is a personal choice of how much animal sourced foods one eats and no one can come into that and say else. But it also a right to be informed and a responsibility to make decisions based on assessing all the possibilities on how to leave a smaller trace on the environment and other living beings, for ourselves, our future and the future and health of our children and those yet to come.

You don’t have to remove anything currently in your diet that you don’t want to. But if you’re up for doing just one thing and only one thing, that should be green smoothies. Green smoothies are fruit smoothies blended with leafy greens.

The lady who started it all, Victoria Boutenko, a raw food expert that cured her family of various conditions through a raw vegan diet, came up with the idea by researching a way of digesting more greens. And she did so by finding out that chimpanzees would wrap a fruit with a green leaf and eat it. Many people struggle with including more greens into their diet, even though they know these greens are highly nutritious. Thus, she looked at the closest relatives to humans and how are they composing their meals, so she started blending fruit with green leaves and water and found out soon that it was a fantastic way of integrating more nutritious greens into one’s diet.

From my experience, introducing Green Smoothies into my routine long before I transitioned to an overall plant diet, not only improved my energy levels, but also my skin, my moods and facilitated weight loss. Even though they look green, these smoothies taste like fruit, and you can decide on the proportions of fruit and greens according to your taste. You don’t want to overdo the greens and have an unpleasant taste that will keep you away forever from Green Smoothies.

The simplest beginner green smoothie will make you go bananas. Literally.

It goes on like this (add them in this order and if you have a regular blender chop the fruits and leafs into smaller pieces so that they blend better):

-one handful spinach
-1 medium banana
-1 apple
-water half way through the ingredients once in the blender

Blend until smooth and enjoy. This makes 2 servings. You can share it or store the rest in the fridge in a closed jar for up to 2 days.

For more inspiration, type in the search box “green smoothie” or check the beautiful gallery that’s not only food for the body but also for the eye.

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