Feeling drained by your food?

Eating just for the sake of eating?

Tired of feeling stressed and cranky all the time?

What would it be like if you’d feel energised throughout the day, happy and content with yourself and the way you look?

I am dedicated to helping you make peace with food and emotions and truly enjoy food, your own body and life in general. These are some of the ways in which I can help…

If none of them suits your needs, perhaps a momentum session is more suitable for you right now.

From testing your intolerances to coming up with a game-plan, momentum sessions are suitable if you need to find some direction and consolidate some of the foundations which you already have. 


Join this program learn how to make peace with that plate in front of you and fall in love with yourself, your body and your food. For 60 days we’ll work on and question your eating habits, your food choices and the underlying relationship with your body and food so that you can break free from constraints, beating yourself up and truly enjoy life.


Working with you one on one allows me to help you take your health and energy to the next level by peeling the onion layers, starting from food and ending with loving yourself for who you really are. With continuous support, tailored sessions, healing and recipes created for your needs, the program is more than just a look at your diet, but an immersion into what drives you, looking at how you make daily choices regarding your entire life.

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