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  • Past Life Regression – Guided Journey by Denisa Maria Ratulea

Past Life Regression – Guided Journey by Denisa Maria Ratulea


This is a recording of the New Moon in Sagittarius Goddess Circle. It contains a past life regression into a time of deep connection to the Earth and nature, a time where you were happy and well. You will bring back symbols and any messages that you may need at this point in time for your day to day life. 

You can do this practice at any time, and multiple times. Or you may feel that once it’s enough. I trust that it finds you in the right moment.

Duration: 39:26

“What an absolute joy it was to share in sisterhood and share our respective journey experiences following such a beautiful meditation.  I felt safe and guided the whole time and your voice was reassuring as I went on my journey. Your guiding words skillfully set the background for my visions, without being too prescriptive which enabled my mind to create freely. The pauses were well placed and you held space beautifully,  with perfect music to allow me to explore where I was without interruption and with plenty of time to relax fully into my visualisations, before you gently brought us back out.  I felt such joy and a sense of peace, oneness and sisterhood from this experience.  Thank you so much for this blessing.”
Kirsty Campbell