Feel Lighter, More Energised and In Flow - 5 Day challenge

FREE 5-Day Guided Spring Clean Challenge 

16-20th of MARCH 2019

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  • Feel lighter and in flow
  • Give your digestion a rest
  • Get mental clarity
  • Connect  with yourself on a deeper level
  • Get glowing skin
  • Reduce cravings
  • Stop feeling like you always need to eat
Feel Lighter and Energised in 5 Days
Feel Lighter, More Energised and In Flow - 5 Day challenge
Free 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge
Feel Lighter, More Energised and In Flow - 5 Day challenge


  • Juice Fasting
  • Healthy Meals
  • Coaching
  • Meditations
  • Self Exploration and Flow Exercises 

We will begin on the 16th of March and ease into 3 days of juices and smoothies, followed by 2 days of delicious foods. We keep it easy, fun and colourful.

Each day you'll also have a theme to focus on yourself, meditate on it and journal. This is both a physical and emotional spring clean. 

Some meals will be raw, some will be gently cooked, some will be liquid, so that your transition is smooth and light.

You will get the shopping list emailed to you, then beginning Saturday, the 16th of March, you'll receive the recipes, daily guidance and flow exercises to help you make the most out of your experience.

What others are saying about the challenge:

I can’t believe the difference in my skin this morning!

I’m feeling younger and lighter and I love it 

Mel  //  Business Owner 

This challenge has helped me be even more raw and in touch with my emotions and not use food as a suppressor.

When I started the challenge I felt really tired, sluggish and couldn't seem to stop craving unhealthy foods. 
After day 3 I could really feel the difference, I felt alert with mental clarity and the ability to make healthier choices in social situations, rather than be a slave to food cravings. I have lost bulk around my middle and feel ready to adopt these habits for the long term, which is exactly what I was looking for - a kick start for a healthy lifestyle.

Sophie //  Consultant 

The BEST juice recipes I've tried! 

My sugar cravings are so much better. I haven’t really had any after 5 days  


Emma  //  Nurse

My digestion has never been better!

 I was expecting my stomach doing making weird noises with all that liquid from the juices, maybe having some issues…But my digestion has never been better No bloating, nothing  Just great! 

Dom //  Graphic Designer

After only 5 days I look younger and feel cleaner inside! 

I am so happy I've done this challenge, including the juicing bit! I noticed that my skin is smoother and glowing! My mind is clearer and I'm able to focus on myself more. Plus, I loved all the recipes! Truly enjoyed and savoured each bite! 

Michelle //  Artist

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Feel Lighter, More Energised and in Flow 

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