Imagine connecting to the Energy of the collective feminine and meditating in a powerful ceremonial practice, recorded on the eve of the summer solstice, new moon and a solar eclipse, Raising your vibration and dreaming up your vision for the rest of the year...

Even though you may have missed the live circle, you can now listen to the replay of the Ceremony, which will have all the Light energies anchored in it. You can do this practice beyond this solstice as well, as it contains a powerful personal healing, a healing of your feminine lineage and a healing for the whole planet. 

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 Your Coach and Space Holder

Denisa Ratulea is a Health Coach, Healer and Shamanic Priestess. 

Through coaching, spirituality and a holistic approach to life she is helping ambitious women create the space to tune in, heal and awaken their Divine Feminine so they can feel free in their bodies, and get back into flow and alignment with their true nature.

 I can't wait to share these healing ways in sacred space with you!

With all my love,

Denisa  Ma Ra

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