gather together in sacred circle to connect, Share, Release, be heard and heal together

The new year has started, the moon has ripened and you may be feeling ready to release the build up of emotions and energies from this past lunar cycle.

If you want to make room for more love, abundance and connection in your life, this circle is meant to help you feel more centered, connected to your Soul and create peace of mind, while trusting the process of growth and Divine Timing.

This is an open invite to release the old ways, in order to make room for a new cycle of growth.

WHEN: Thursday,  January 28th, 2021 from 6pm GMT, online

We will meditate together and I will guide you through the full moon ceremony. You'll also have the opportunity to connect and share with the other women in the circle. 

If you want to be a part of this Ceremony and Circle, it is open on a pay what you can basis.

The suggested amount is £25, yet you can choose what you will pay, and trust that it is all balanced in the end.


Note: After payment, you'll be redirected to the Ceremony registration page. You need to register there with you details and download the zoom app in advance. You'll then receive all prep details via email.


 Your Coach and Space Holder

Denisa Ratulea is a Health Coach, Healer and Shamanic Priestess. 

Through coaching, spirituality and a holistic approach to life she is helping ambitious women create the space to tune in, heal and awaken their Divine Feminine so they can feel free in their bodies, and get back into flow and alignment with their true nature. 


I can't wait to share these healing ways in sacred space with you! 

With all my love, 

Denisa Maria