Embracing the Gifts and Support of THE Loving Ancestors

As the harvest season concludes, many cultures celebrate the onset of winter, marked by shorter days and longer nights, ushering in a time of darkness. It's believed that during this period, the barrier between the tangible world and the spiritual realm becomes more permeable.

The Celtic calendar highlights Samhain on October 30th. Meanwhile, on November 1st and 2nd, many countries observe All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead. These modern celebrations echo ancient, pre-Christian traditions that paid homage to the departed. The essence remains: to express gratitude and seek communion with cherished ancestors.

However, not everyone wishes to connect with their immediate lineage. In our ceremony, we'll focus on the benevolent ancestors of Light—souls committed to the betterment of all beings.

This will be a magical ceremony, shared in a circle of sisters.
If you want the space to feel, express, be heard or simply just sit in the ethereal space with other sisters, this circle is open to you.
Note: this is a wom(b)en only gathering.
The intention for this space is to help you create ritual, feel more centered, connected to your Soul and your Loving Ancestors.

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023, 6pm GMT, online.

We will gather together, share our intentions and you will be guided through this ceremony. You'll then have the opportunity to connect and share with the other women in the circle.
Please register in advance so you have time to prepare on altar for this ceremony. You'll receive how to details once you register.

If you want to be a part of this Ceremony contributions are between £12-£30, on a sliding scale based on your means.

You can do so here before or within 24h after the circle, in full trust that you will do it at the right time. 



Denisa MaRiA, an ordained Magdalene Rose High Priestess, Coach, and Healer, seamlessly melds a decade of expertise in coaching and healing with profound spiritual and emotional wisdom, guiding women on a journey toward Self-Knowledge and Creating powerfully in their lives.

Also an author, artist, and traveler, she crafts a holistic journey for those she works with through ritual, ceremony, coaching and healing, establishing a safe and nurturing space that encourages deep self-awareness through her gentle yet bold approach.

With unwavering commitment, she assists women in reclaiming their power and rewriting their stories to create meaningfully in all areas of their lives.