Do you wake up tired? 

Is your health cracking and you think there’s room for improvement? 

Is it time to stop living in pain and experience energy in all senses?

Health Coaching

Imagine not having to worry about any of that, being able to live fully and energised every day!

If you’re tired all the time, sluggish and your body is not your best friend it’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself.

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years time?

How about 30 to 50 years time?

Let’s plant the seeds now for obtaining positive results in your life.

Through health coaching, I can help you take your health and energy to the next level. I will be there by your side, cheering you along and making sure you get where you want to get.

Working with me is more than just a look at your diet, but an immersion into what drives you and looking at how you make daily choices regarding your entire life.

As a health coach, I will help you achieve your goals in a safe, healthy manner that’s sustainable and easy to implement for the long term. 

Why not book your 20 minutes Free Raw Taster Session and let’s get to know each other?

I look forward to meeting you!

Denisa xxo


anni testimonial

“Denisa does such a fantastic job of really giving you life tools and making you aware of the choices you’re making”

Anni D.


“I’ve always found it quite difficult to maintain a regular healthy diet and exercise routine and I often fell off the wagon. I found maintaining a healthy lifestyle very challenging. It’s been fantastic to meet Denisa and start working with her. She offers support and loads of great tips to help you get into the habit of doing this all the time. My biggest revelation has been the simplicity of healthy eating. This is something that had a big impact on my life. I now make this a part of my daily routine and I couldn’t feel any better.”

Sarah M.  


Health Coaching Momentum Session

Option 1 – JUICY MOMENTUM SESSION – initial session, plus follow-up session

This session is designed for someone with a health urgency that needs support to crack the ice fast.

You will know already what challenges you have (I.e. illness, allergy) and want to work on it immediately.

The 2-hour consultation in person or via Skype includes:

  • an in-depth overlook at your background
  • a strategy developed for supporting your emotional, mental and spiritual needs
  • bespoke eating plan
  • hacks and strategies for reaching your objectives
  • follow up and next steps strategy session

Investment: £145

Option 2 – SECOND NATURE RAWKSTAR – 5 weeks program

This program is designed to help you take your health and energy to the next level by applying accountability and continuous support. With tailored content and recipes created for your needs, the program is more than just a look at your diet, but an immersion into what drives you, looking at how you make daily choices regarding your entire life.

The program includes:

  • 1 x initial assessment of your physical health
  • 4 x one-hour long one-to-one or Skype sessions (weekly)
  • goal setting and measuring
  • specifically designed plans
  • recipes
  • access to the Second Nature Online tribe
  • unlimited email support

Investment: £395

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