Are you overwhelmed and confused when it comes to healthy eating? 

Think doing it at home is difficult, expensive and unattainable?

Want to see what’s all the fuss about these Raw Foods?

Join the most popular raw food for everyday class in London and plant the seeds to learn in the simplest, tastiest ways how you can do it at home without any fancy equipment or time-consuming activities. Simply introduce raw food for every day into your own routine!

After attending this class most people implement at least one of the principles discussed and create sustainable change in their lives. 

Seasonal changes are the best times to start introducing more living foods as you are in tune with nature and your body’s natural transitioning mechanism. 

If you want more energy, less bloat, better health, finally get that weight loss in control and you love tasty food, join me for an entertaining session with full dinner to learn how to make your health and energy Second Nature!


– Why is it important to add living foods into your life

– Plant-based nutrition facts and where to get your daily requirements from 

– How to prepare quick, nourishing drinks and food according to season

– How to make green smoothies

– How to make nut milk 

– How to prepare raw soups

– How to prepare versatile salad dressings 

– How to make sour cream (dairy free!)

– How to make raw chocolate 

This will be a 3 hours workshop where you’ll learn to create simple, effective living foods and drinks and enjoy them on the spot. Bring a notepad and come on an empty stomach! You’re in for a treat! 


But wait, this is what you’ll eat on the night:

  • the tastiest Green Smoothie 
  • how to transform a seasonal salad into a delicious journey with seed cheese dressings
  • nutritious and comforting non-dairy milk
  • warming alkaline raw soup and the accompanying nut cream
  • a lavishing chia seed pudding & mouthwatering raw, chocolate – guilt-free heaven!

And more surprises! ♥

I look forward to sharing this experience with you and having you there!

See you on the 15th!

With all my warmth and love,

Denisa xx

HUNGRY? Email me at hello [@] to book a private class for yourself and your friends!


“Thank you so much for organising this workshop. It was great to see in practice the knowledge of all the informal reading I have made in the last couple of years and never had the time/courage to get to the stage of doing it.” Georgeta 

“Denisa, thank you for an amazing workshop last week. It was soooooo much more than I expected. Not only did you teach us how to create amazing food but you also taught us the theory and principles behind a raw food diet and lifestyle in a beautiful environment. It was inspirational and a real treat” Jasbir 

“Thank you Denisa for teaching me new raw food recipes that I can try out on my own at home, without feeling intimated! But most importantly thank you for sharing your passion, your skills and knowledge, you are a true inspiration to all of us! The Raw Food Class last night was amazing!” Eva

“Denisa’s raw food class last night was fantastic! She made raw foods accessible, and I think it really helps to see her demonstrate how easy it can be. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes myself. They are creative and most of all, I loved the flavours. Her recipes lift the taste from good to amazing! Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, and she will show you how.” Cheryl



Denisa Ratulea is a London-based Health Coach and plant-based chef. She is the founder of Second Nature and the author of Cooking from your Heart. Denisa’s mission is to inspire one million people in her father’s memory on balanced, healthy eating and living, delivering talks, cooking classes and retreats. She helps busy people make health and energy their second nature by simplifying healthy eating.

After years of living in pain, due to scoliosis, Denisa started her journey in order to heal her back, reduce pain and inflammation and prepare for a second spinal surgery. By changing her relationship with food and falling in love with herself she transformed her life. Denisa went from being sedentary and often in pain, to a complete makeover, losing over 30 pounds, performing various sports and finishing her first Triathlon while still having metal rods and screws in her spine. Denisa embarked on a learning path, with a mission to explore and experiment with foods in order to find what works best for us in the 21st century and is now helping others rediscover their health potential and fall in love with themselves and their food.

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