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If you’re looking to transform your health and fall in love with yourself, then come and join Ollie and Denisa for a week long Spiritual Health journey on one of the worlds most beautiful islands, Koh Samui, situated off the east-coast of Thailand.

With your feet covered in crystal white sand, and the warmth of the sun on your skin, you look out on one of the most incredible sunsets. You are in paradise, on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, gazing out at the horizon.  

You’ve finished an evening meditation on the beach with your new found friends from all over the world and decide to share and connect over a fresh green coconut. Feeling grateful for your health, for being alive and being surrounded by like minded people.

This is the life that you have dreamed of, the life that you are living at Beautiful You Retreat!


Thailand is the perfect place to spend 7 days and 7 nights…

…Relaxing and nourishing your mind, body and soul.


We all need to hit the pause button every now and then in order to get back to the highest and best version of ourselves.

 Imagine taking time off from work, technology, colleagues or family to eat better, do yoga and work on yourself. 

And why not develop some new empowering habits while you are it?

 Rituals that can help you to be the very best version of yourself, surrounded by palm trees, sun and like minded people.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling stressed at work or at home…

Maybe you feel like something missing in your life and you're not following your passion? 

Or maybe you want a complete reboot and a chance to focus on health, fitness and long term goals?

Either way there is no better time to take a break and immerse yourself in this week-long experience. Your soul will thank you for it!!!

Ready to dive in?

Here's what you'll experience when you come to the SPIRITUAL HEALTH retreat 

Your Destination

Thailand is one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world.

From the moment we set foot in the country it was love at first sight, with the locals, the food and the culture!

And it didn’t take us long to discover the beautiful Island of Koh Samui, an island that is hard to forget, an island that still feels as though there are more beaches than people.

The sun in Thailand is a big plus point but it is the people, their smiles and their kindness that are sure to draw you back time and time again. Thailand is after all the land of smiles ;) 

The tropical fruit is to die for and the sea is crystal clear. Island life is tranquil and island pace relaxed.

Never mind that it took you so long to get here, you are exactly where you need to be, spend the time to get to know yourself on our Koh Samui retreat.

Your Hosts

Meet Denisa and Ollie, your hosts, partners in shine, who share a passion for life, health and spirituality. They have a shared mission to help people from all over the world to fall in love with themselves and to live a life of purpose.

Denisa is a plant-based chef, health coach and author of the cookbook “Cooking from your heart” She helps people fall in love with themselves, their bodies and their food. 

Ollie is a soul aligner, life coach & a healer, who helps people to fall in love with themselves and get back to a life of passion and purpose.

Together we bring our love and our expertise to the world and to the Beautiful You Retreat.

Our love for food, nature, personal development & spirituality combined in to a one of a kind experience, designed to help you to shift and get back to the real you!

Your Nourishment

Think tropical: coconuts, juices, smoothies and raw foods will be the centerpiece of your menu.

 Nourishment for the heart and soul using the best local ingredients and learning healthier ways to cook them. 

You will experience Thai flavours, combined with superfoods to help revitalise your body.

You are in for a treat of rainbow coloured food, flavour and texture, food that is healthy, tasty and will leave you wanting more! 

Your Yogi

We can't wait to enjoy the beneficial powers of Yoga with Mike.

Your Education

Coming along for a 7 day retreat is all very well and good but what about after those 7 days?

 We’ve designed this retreat with long term change in mind.

 You will learn about raw and cooked foods fundamentals and the ins and outs of preparing healthy food that you can implement straight away and under your own steam.

We will show you how to prepare delicious, healthy food that is quick and easy to make and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Get ready to learn all about live foods, juicing, blending and food preparation and be given all the tools and techniques needed to make health Second Nature.

Your Detox and Relaxation

As you may know Thailand is famous for many things, especially Thai massages.

With that in mind we see it as our duty to ensure that you are able to experience this mind blowing or should I say back blowing experience for yourself.

In order for you to relax and feel fully at home at the retreat you will be able to book in anytime for a full body massage with our masseuse.

The first massage is a complimentary one on us and additional massages are available at an additional fee.

And when I said back blowing I meant it in the good sense but you could always ask for a lighter touch ;)

Your Coaching and Healing

Denisa and Ollie are your hosts for your stay at Emperor House. Through their workshops and practices you'll explore meditations, mindfulness, presence, finding your truth and honouring your heart and soul.

You will also be able to book in with either of them for a 1 on 1 coaching or a healing session.

You can expect to leave each of these 1 on 1 sessions armed with new found tools and wisdom that you can bring in to your everyday life during and after the retreat. 

Your Explorations

It would be a shame to travel so far and not explore some of the local sights and scenes that Koh Samui has to offer. 

Rest assured that there will be plenty of time to experience the island as a group and make the most of our time together ;) 

Your Accommodation

Your home for the week is a luxury Thai villa and the perfect blend between traditional and modern Asian decor.

There are en-suite, twin and double rooms available as well as 2x VIP apartments.

The villa is situated close to a sandy beach, with a palm tree view and stunning salt water swimming pool that you can use whenever you feel like it.


  • Airport Transfer From & To Koh Samui Airport 
  • 7  Nights Luxury En-Suite Accommodation
  • 3  Days of Juicing
  • 4 Days of Delicious Healthy Food 
  • 1 x  60 Minute Massage Session (More Available)
  • Juicing, Blending And Raw Food Workshops 
  • A  Wide Range Of Superfoods
  • Healing, Spirituality And Self Love Workshops
  • Daily Meditation & Yoga 
  • Fitness & Qi Gong
  • Cinema Nights & Group Discussion
  • Inspirational and Educational Talks
  • Tropical Setting By The Pool
  • Local Adventures


  • Flights
  • Extra yoga, massage or 1 on 1 coaching or healing sessions

Retreat Date to be announced: 

  • 2018


This retreat is so unique and amazing! One of the things I loved most is that you don't just have your juice and then have to find ways to manage your time.

You get to be involved in it, learn to cook, juice, blend...create a community around it with the others and truly bring out the best in you during the 7 days. Personally, I think that really helps you implement changes once you get back home! 

Tina, UK

The best thing I got out of this Retreat was the headspace it created, which allowed me to re-align myself.

It felt like I could finally experience the lightness of being and I was able to open my heart.

Besides that, I feel amazing and so much lighter! I've even lost some of the weight I wanted to get rid of for ages and kept it off.

I'm so grateful I took this week off and did the Second Nature Retreat. It's been a pivotal moment in journey.

Sam, UK

Seen Enough?

Get in touch with Denisa and Ollie and apply for your place at the retreat. 


  • How to build a morning routine that will get your day off to a flying start
  • Fitness hacks and tricks
  • A fastrack guide to falling in love with yourself 
  • Connection & Vulnerability 
  • The power of accountability
  • How to heal your relationships, past, present and future 
  • How to overcome stress, fear and anxiety
  • The power of silence, meditation and presence
  • Reiki and angel card readings 
  • How to connect to your higher self and your spirit guides
  • Goal setting, visioning and creating your dream life,
  • Using the law of attraction to manifest anything

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