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Free 5-Day Spring Clean Challenge

Register Below for the Free 5 Days Spring Clean Challenge

Starts April 22nd 2017


Hi there beautiful,

Are you on the look for a mini digestive break?  

Are you too tired of being tired and you’d like to change that?
Are you ready to fall in love with your food and your better self?

If yes at any of the above, then your body and mind could probably do with a break from the routine. Spring cleaning is not for your house only! 

I’ve prepared 5 days of delicious recipes for juices, smoothies and food, healthy and yummy, meant to make you shine from inside out! Ready? Register here. It’s free and potentially life changing! 


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“Just to say a big Thank You. I managed to stick to the plan 100% and it’s been an amazing experience. My favourite recipe were the carrot zoodles (zingy pasta), Tzatziki cucumber zoodles and cabbage steaks. I also really loved the Buddha bowl. I would say the biggest learning for me was that it’s really enjoyable making food from scratch!!! I’ve been eating fairly healthily for a while, but was taking short cuts so wasn’t getting enough ‘living food’. So wonderful to see a loved one eat something you’ve prepared for them and you know it will nourish them too. Again thank you so much for sharing all the recipes and advice. It’s been awesome!”️  – Uta 

“Denisa, It’s been an awesome week! I loved the focus for each day, you gave really interesting knowledge around each focus too!

Benefits to me:
– Inspiring new recipes
– Shaken up and broken the cycle of eating sugar
– Less dizzy spells
– More energised
– Feeling full, but comfortable
– Reduced thrush
– My 3 kids, partner and parents getting involved
– Sharing it with others
The ultimate plan to make me adopt this gorgeous way of eating everyday! I really enjoyed the plan, thank you for a great week and kick start to the future of eating like this forever!” – 

“I am so delighted I took part in this awesome challenge. I’ve eaten well for several months now, but I didn’t realize how many new and endless possibilities there are in regards to clean eating- all the new herbs and spices I’ve played with this past week have been so tasty. Your meal plans and delicious combinations have opened my mind up to how I can take my cooking to the next level. Thank you for your brilliant energy, commitment, creativity and inspiring recipes Denisa! Not only do I feel full of energy, I also feel super grateful.” – Eleanor


Frequently Asked Questions


What do I eat during the day? 
The recipes given will be for either juices and smoothies or a morning smoothie, lunch and dinner. They’re created to meet your nutritional needs. If you’re training or you feel it’s not enough for the activities you carry during the day, you can increase the portions quantity so that it meets your needs.
I can’t find all the ingredients in the recipes, can I replace them? 
Of course! This is just a guide for you to get easier into it and do it more often. You’ll soon learn what you like more and what less and you’ll be able to make your own mixes according to your taste buds. That’s the idea after all, to find your creative flow and be able to do it by yourself. I am making these recipes with what’s available in the UK at the moment. If you can’t find a specific ingredient, don’t worry. Choose the closest similar item or ask in the support group for options.
When do I get the recipes? 
You will receive your email with the recipes the latest the day before we start. This will be a Saturday so you can do your grocery shopping for the week. 
I have a very busy schedule and I don’t have time to cook all day long. Can I still do it? 
There’s always a way – that’s my motto. You can prepare some foods the night before and have them for lunch too. Or make two days worth of food at once. For the breakfast smoothies you can wash and cut all the ingredients according to recipe and freeze them. Then you just pop them in the blender the next morning, add water or nut milk and voila! 
Do I need fancy equipment? 
Not at all. I always say you should do the best with what you have. So if you already have a blender at home, by all means please use it rather than thinking it’s not good enough. Like in every aspect of life there are levels you can be at and there’s always a fancier machine to get your hands on. I say, use it till it drops. 
I use a TNC Vitamix for both blending, juicing, grinding and a Kenwood Food processor.
What do you need:
A blender
A Juicer (If you don’t have one I’ll show you how to juice with your blender)
Nut milk bag
Chopping board
Fresh Ingredients