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Hi there and welcome! I’m Denisa and I’m a London-based, Transylvanian-born, Plant Based and Raw Food Chef. 

A while ago I was overweight, sedentary and in pain from scoliosis and titanium rod implants in my spine. Food was not even on my list of things that could improve my state. Diets were always off the grid. I love partying and dancing. 

Fast forward 5 years, I went from the worst shape I could be in, to finishing a triathlon and finally removing the rods and screws from my back after 10 years of being an Iron Girl. 

I’ve never felt stronger and healthier in my life as I do now!

After a decade of dealing with pain and learning to love and treat my body with the right things, I stand in front of you wishing to be of service and guidance in helping you reach your health goals and lead a more balanced and fulfilled life. 

I know that lasting change can be daunting and difficult and the Second Nature philosophy is to support you in slowly adding healthier routines and nutritious foods to your diet. By focusing on adding the good things, you are replacing some old habits with just as satisfying, if not more, new ones! This allows your body to gradually tune in and let you know what is good for you, by building sustainable delicious habits.

That’s why I’ve created recipes, meal plans and articles for you to help you on your journey.

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking here and feel inspired to eat and live healthier. 

Let’s make the world a healthier,  happier place. To your thriving health!

Denisa xxo 



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